Deposit Services

Our Deposit type is described below :

  • Fixed Deposit
  • Recurring Deposit
  • Pigmy Deposit ( Small Saving Deposit Scheme)

Fixed Deposits

In this type of Deposit you can deposit a certain sum of money with various schemes of the bank for a specific duration of time. Choose a deposit period range as per your requirement and multiply your money with our consistent and reasonable interest rate scheme.

You can INVEST your money with following types of deposits :

  • Short Term Deposit
  • Long Term Deposit

Deposit Interest Rate Chart    Particulars    Interest Rate % (p.a)
1 46 Days to 180 Days 12%
2 181 Days to 1 Year 13%
3 13 Months to 36 Months 13.25%
4 37 Months & Above 13.50%
5 Savings Deposit 4%
6 Short Term Deposit 6%
7 Monthly to 5 Year Deposit 11%
8 Damduppat in 70 Months
9 1 Year Pension Scheme for 1 Lakh Rs – 1000/- per Months

Recurring Deposit

These are similar to fixed deposits with a difference being, you deposit a small amount of money every month into this account for a specified duration of time and the bank would compound the interest every month and pay you in lump at the end of the tenure.

Nomination Facility – You may nominate a person as beneficiary to your account proceeds

Loan Facility – Avail up to 80% loan on your recurring deposit amount.

Pigmy Deposit (Small Saving Deposit Scheme)

In this type of deposit scheme you can deposit certain sums in daily basis so that you would be able to meet an anticipated liability after the end of specified period. The unique characteristic of this scheme is that a bank agent collects the money daily, from the account holder’s doorstep.

This Scheme is more beneficial to daily earners, Small traders and farmers to inculcate saving habits and also as a means to fund their bigger capital requirements, such as a wedding, home buying, vehicle purchase etc.


Please produce the original document(s) for verification & a photocopy of each document.

  • Please fill the form in CAPITAL LETTERS using Black ink.
  • Please countersign in case of any overwriting.
  • Please avail of the nomination facility.
  • Mandatory to provide Permanent address and telephone number.
  • Mandatory to complete the KYC Norms

Documentation Require for account opening

Identity Proof

  • Passport
  • PAN card
  • Adhaar Card
  • Voter ID card
  • Driving licence
  • Government ID card
  • Photo ration card
  • Senior citizen ID card

Address Proof

  • Passport
  • Adhaar Card
  • Telephone bill
  • Electricity bill
  • Bank Statement with Cheque
  • Certificate/ ID card issued by Post office